The Life of Adolf Hitler Biocast (Biography + Podcast)

life of adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial men to have ever walked the Earth. He drowned in suffering in his early life. He was an orphan, homeless, and a reject.

Everything changed when he fought for Germany during WWI. For the first time in his life, Adolf Hitler felt like he belonged somewhere. He was loved by his comrades too. He would make paintings or doodles that everyone enjoyed.

Territory changes after the unjust treaty of Versailles.

Germany’s surrender drove Hitler into a life of politics. He would join a small fringe party and quickly take over. This party grew in popularity faster than anyone could imagine.

The NSDAP resonated with millions, many believing the party to be a combination of the good ideas of both the left and the right.

Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler purged half of the party in 1934 and radically changed it. It wouldn’t be long before the powers of Europe found themselves at war once more.

Show notes

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